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My love for design began at the grocery store. It seems every great love in my life relates back to food. I have always been drawn to beautiful packaging and the power it can have over people's purchasing habits. I understood logos and packaging but when I learned about branding it was like everything clicked. 

While design is both my career and my hobby, I also enjoy trying new restaurants, antiquing, exploring in nature, cooking and traveling. 

Hi, Im Amanda

I am in the business of helping people, so I only work with brands that are making a positive impact on the world. I will not work with any business that have unethical practices or do not align with my values. Simple as that!

Design is most powerful when used to create a unique language that targets and communicates with a specific group of people.  Every design decision I make is done with intention and with your business's unique audience in mind.

I recognize that no two businesses are the same. I take the time to listen to my client's individual goals, values and stories in order to create a customized approach to solving their problems. I never enter a project with preconceived notions. 

Being a business owner means wearing all of the hats. It can be incredibly draining! Let me take some of that off your hands (head?). I solve complex problems for my clients to create clarity, direction and help them feel empowered by business ownership again.





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I wasn't always A Brand Designer

Before taking Sem Design Co on full time I worked as an Art Director  at global footwear brand, and before that as a designer at a boutique creative agency. Throughout those years I freelanced for a number of small businesses and knew that's where my heart was. In November of 2021 I took the leap into business ownership, pursuing my passion for brand strategy & design full time. Now I can't imagine doing anything else. I strive to help my clients feel just as empowered by business ownership as I am!

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