Designed by Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich, TUPPENCE is the perfect representation of a modern twist on classic design. The font incorporates subtle geometric details, giving it personality and edge without being too overwhelming.
The font comes in a variety of weights and character styles. It offers hundreds of unique glyphs and ligatures, perfect for custom logos. Those who really want to nerd out can learn more about the font and the designer’s inspiration HERE.

BELY DISPLAY is an expressive font design by Roxane Gataud. It blends triangular and rectangular shapes in a way that successfully challenges the rules of classic typography. This bold font is ideal for brands that are risk takers and want to stand out in a crowd. Learn more about the inspiration behind Bely HERE.

VINCENTE is a condensed serif designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa. While the condensed nature of this font does not make it ideal for paragraphs or small text, it is great for headlines and wordmarks that require a font that feels bold but traditional. Learn more about the origin of Vincente HERE.

Jan Tonellato designed this font pulling inspiration from classic fonts Bodoni and Didot. OPERETTA offers a total of 40 different styles and 5 optical sizes that give you control over the font’s readability. The variety within this font makes it perfect for larger brands with a wide array of design needs. Learn more about Operetta HERE.

If you use any of these fonts in your future design work I would love to see how you used them!
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